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Saint Mary Academy in Dover, NH, has long stood as a beacon of educational excellence for both boys and girls. Since its inception in 1912, the academy has been committed to nurturing young minds from Pre-K age 3 through 8th grade. At Saint Mary Academy, preparation for the future is not just about academic achievement, but also about cultivating leadership and character in each student. This forward-thinking approach was the cornerstone upon which the school was founded and continues to drive us, thanks to the enduring support of benefactors who share our vision. The vitality of Saint Mary Academy's Annual Fund is a testament to the extraordinary contributions that go above the average, ensuring that our mission thrives for generations to come.

Our Funding Mission:

  • Chromebooks: $52,500

  • Handheld Devices: $15,000

  • Playground Upgrades: $50,000

  • Early Learning Play to Learn Upgrades: $50,000

  • Basketball Court Refinishing: $50,000

  • 3D Printer: $20,000

  • Robotics Program: $12,500

Giving Societies
  • The Central Society | $100 - $499*

  • The Mercy Society | $500 - $999

  • The Pioneer Society | $1,000 - $1,911  

  • The 1912 Society | $1,912 - 2,499

  • The Dover Catholic Society | $2,500 - $4,999

  • The Saint Mary Society | $5,000 - $9,999

  • The Keystone Society | $10,000 - $24,999

  • The Founder's Club | $25,000+

Pay over time plans are available in the form below

Join the vanguard of Saint Mary Academy's future by becoming a part of our esteemed Annual Fund Giving Societies. These societies celebrate the enduring commitment of our most dedicated supporters who see the value in sustained generosity. When you pledge beyond a single contribution, you join a fellowship of visionary benefactors whose recurring gifts provide a stable foundation for our students’ growth and our academy’s flourishing future. Members of the Giving Societies are not just donors; they are pillars of our community, fostering a legacy of mercy and excellence that extends far beyond the classroom. Explore the tiers of giving and find your place among the ranks of those who are truly investing in a tradition of transformative education.

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