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Announcing the Mercy Legacy Scholarship Initiative: A Call to Action

We are delighted to introduce the Mercy Legacy Scholarship Initiative, a visionary program at Saint Mary Academy grounded in the compassionate and forward-thinking spirit of the Sisters of Mercy. This initiative invites you to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in New Hampshire. This newly developed program, Mercy Heritage Fund, is dedicated to Sister Monica Markey. She dedicated 72 years of her life to the Sisters of Mercy and the many students she touched through her service.

A Tradition of Excellence, A Legacy of Impact

For over a century, Saint Mary Academy has illuminated paths of knowledge and virtue for countless students. With the Mercy Legacy Scholarship Initiative, our mission takes a bold step into the future. We seek to expand our endowment to secure the academy’s commitment to educational excellence for generations to come.

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Your Role in Fostering Future Leaders

The Mercy Legacy Scholarship Initiative opens a portal of opportunity for students, made possible by your generosity. With a minimum investment of $25,000, you can establish a scholarship fund that will empower eager minds and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. Your contribution will be a beacon of hope, providing access to unparalleled educational experiences.

Join a Community of Visionaries
By contributing to the Mercy Legacy Scholarship Initiative, you join a revered circle of benefactors who share in the Sisters of Mercy's dedication to service and education. Whether you choose to create a new endowment or enhance an existing one, your support is a testament to the power of giving.

Our Commitment to You
In recognition of your investment, Saint Mary Academy upholds a pledge of integrity and gratitude. We promise transparency, the respectful use of your gift, and regular updates on the tangible differences your contributions make. As a benefactor, you will receive due acknowledgment and the chance to see firsthand the impact of your philanthropy.

Forge a Legacy with Us
Embrace this momentous opportunity to forge a lasting legacy. Your support not only honors the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy but also ignites potential and possibilities for our students.

Take Part in the Mercy Legacy Scholarship Initiative
To learn more about how you can contribute to this transformative campaign, please visit our [Donation Portal] or contact our Development Office. Together, we can continue the legacy of educational distinction that defines Saint Mary Academy.

Your legacy is our future—let’s build it together.

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